With the right ingredients, you can create something amazing.


3 simple reasons to choose

With the right ingredients, you can create something amazing.


From family classics and ten minute meals to Fine Dine In.


Fresh ingredients for tasty, home-cooked dinners.


Healthy and fresh food for wealthy mood.

Most Variety. Most Deliciousness

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We test each recipe 45 time’s to ensure deliciousness and simplicity.

Selecciona Tu Receta

Escoge tus recetas en nuestro recetario. Encontarás las mejores recetas a nivel internacional para que disfrutes de una dieta deliciosa y saludable.

Envío A Domicilio

Recibe tu caja con los mejores productos y las recetas para que hagas platos deliciosos de una manera fácil y divertida.

Calidad Asegurada

Todos los productos envíados pasan controles de calidad exhaustivos para asegurarnos de que solo recibas siempre lo mejor.

Nuestras Recetas

Son el resultado de mas de 20 años de trabajo y estudio en las mejores cocinas de cada país, lo que hacen de ellas un auténtico placer para tu paladar.
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Save Money And Time

Forget planning, thinking about your recipes, going shopping … and save on your weekly shopping

How much do 4 of our dishes cost in the supermarket?

Exact ingredients + Step-by-step recipes + Free shipping
Ingredients (with leftovers) + Home delivery

Special Opening Offer

Buy 4 pay 3

25 NOV – 25 JAN’21

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It starts with a box

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Our Clients

John Doe
John Doe
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“I received the box well on Wednesday, having ordered it on Tuesday morning. All the right ingredients. The recipe seemed easy to me as indicated. I will ask again to try another "
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"I highlight the quality of the tomatoes, you can see the care in handling. I have been successful with children which is not easy. Congratulations! We will repeat "
Mr. Leo
Mr. Leo
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"I had my doubts due to my lack of experience in the kitchen, it seems to me a great idea to enter this wonderful world of cooking, thanks to you now it seems easier and more comfortable to me by not having to go to the supermarket."

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We would love to see your amazing creations so send us your videos and we might even publish you on our social media or web page.

Send your videos to info@foodster.es

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