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Using good table manners in Thailand and observing proper food manners are pretty much just a matter of common sense: Don’t talk with your mouth full, don’t point with your fork, and so on. Only a few rules of table manners in Thailand differ from those in the West.

In Thailand, cooking and eating the world-famous cuisine is taken quite seriously. But Thai people are typically fun and easy-going when it comes to socializing. As a guest, your accidental infractions at the table will be forgiven. Mealtimes are often rowdy, informal affairs with talk, drinks, and laughter. Relax and enjoy

Where to Sit

Unlike in the West where the “head” of the table is the most important, the host or highest-ranking person usually sits at the middle of the table in Thailand. If you are the honored guest, you will sit opposite of the host so that you can more easily talk.

Use your spoon

First, most meals are eaten with a spoon as the primary utensil. Forks are simply tools to push your food onto the spoons. It can take a while to get used to, but it works well. Plus, a fork makes a pretty good scoop!

However, dishes like soup or noodles aren’t eaten with a spoon. Instead, they are eaten with chopsticks and a special soup spoon. You might also use your hands, with some restaurants providing raw greens which add a salad like texture to your meal.

Use condiments to increase the spice

Any authentic Thai restaurant will add a lot of spice to its dishes, and you’ll find condiments that are made with chili slices or chili flakes. There is often fresh fish sauce as well, so if your dish isn’t spicy enough, then you can use the condiments to increase the heat.

Share with others

Finally, Thai meals are best enjoyed together. When you go to a restaurant, it’s typical for each person to order a dish, and then share and pass the food around between you. Alternatively, you can just buy two or three big dishes and share them.

So, if you’re heading to a Thai restaurant with a group of friends, you certainly won’t be envious about what the other person is eating as they’ll probably share it with you!



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Thai Food Rules

Using good table manners in Thailand and observing proper food manners are pretty much just a matter of common sense: Don’t talk with your mouth

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